In the modern world, the information overload results in increasing of the competition for attention. It is impossible for a new artist to attract an audience without proper promotion. Therefore, it leads to inflated expectations and marketing costs growth.

Content is a constructive element and the artwork is the first thing on the streaming services that grabs our attention, not even pressing the Play button.

Tips and recommendation:

1. The best solution is to create an original artwork from the scratch. If you use the other author’s photo or image, please, make sure that you have permission to use them for commercial purposes.
2. If you don’t have skills for graphic design don’t try to make everything on your own. It takes a lot of time to master advanced graphic editors. You will get a much better result if you work with professionals. Weak design is more likely to push listeners away.
3. Your artwork should be of high quality. The image should be in 1:1 scale, with a resolution of at least 3000×3000 PPI.
4. As for inscriptions, only an album and project title of the release are allowed to be on the artwork. It is forbidden to indicate URLs, social networks, trademarks or any other indications.
5. Use a font that is easy to read because such service as Apple Music, for example, can reject your artwork if there is blurring in the text part of your cover art and it doesn’t match with metadata.
6. Choose colors and design elements that convey the right emotions and energy that present your music in the best way.
7. Your artwork should be unique, compelling and eye-catching. It should grab attention of listeners instantly.

Cover art in an opportunity to create the first impression. As a part of self-presentation, the image should create an emotional and visual attachment to your music. Think of what might be interesting to your audience and create a unique artwork that appeals to your music composition and presents it in the best way!

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