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Resurrection. Reset. ReLEX.
This album was made in almost 9 months, so it feels like a newborn baby that is just about to see the world.
There’s a lot of topics discussed by Lex Pun Intended on this album: accepting and facing your own fears, childhood memories, family values, office life, haters, struggle, addiction, social media, dreams. You will definitely find something for yourself.
Shahid, who is a friend of Lex, features on 6 tracks. He also produced, mastered and engineered the whole thing at his own studio called JamRecordz.
Vikki Flowz is a love of his life and she is just warming up on this album with 3 features and 1 main track.
Overall, there are 15 tracks – 5 in Ukrainian, 9 in English or mixed and 1 instrumental.
Join Lex Pun Intended on this journey and listen to the album!

Artist name: LEX Pun Intended
Release tittle: ReLEX
Release date: 01.06.2019
Label: MRIU Publishing
Recording studio: JamRecordz

Lyric language: English, Ukrainian
Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

01. Intro
02. ReLEX
03. Hey, LOSER! (feat. Vikki Flowz & GaryVee)
04. Дитинство (feat. Shahid)
05. Офісна (feat. Shahid)
06. СтраҐл
07. 925 (feat. Shahid)
08. Багато (feat. Vikki Flowz)
09. Vikki Flowz – FOMO (Fakestagram) (feat. LEX Pun Intended)
10. Mascots (feat. Shahid)
11. What you want? (feat. Vikki Flowz & Shahid)
12. fLEX
13. Dolla Dolla Dream
14. Overdose (tribute to Mac Miller)
15. Ананасовий сік

℗ 2019 LEX Pun Intended
© 2019 MRIU Publishing

Categories: Hip-Hop