Weapon of Eternity


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Yulii Zapechenko has started his career in the 80’s and he is actively working up to now.

Artist name: 
Release tittle: Weapon of Eternity
Release date: 07.03.2019
Label: MRIU Publishing
Genre: NewAge, Soundtrack
Location: Ukraine

01. Astronaut’s Funeral
02. The Spirit of Ukraine
03. Black Raven and Mad White Crow 
04. Weapon of Eternity
05. Bald Mountain
06. Yellow Mountain
07. Black Raven (trailer version)
08. Mad White Crow (club version)
09. Witch and Darkness (soundtrack)
10. Gopak №99
11. She Lied to Me

℗ 2019 JUL ZAP
© 2019 MRIU Publishing