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“DIVE” into Astrolev techno world.
Here you can find some dark, groovy, cosmic and solid melodic techno mixed with electro, ambient, and rock mindset.
This album is not more about attention to detail and perfecting sounds, it’s truly about emotions, it’s about rough strokes of bright paint on a pristine canvas. This is about the experiences and conditions that Astrolev determined in the music. This is about the protest. This is about that gradual immersion in the techno world, such as Astrolev sees it for himself.

Artist name: ASTROLEV
Release tittle: Dive
Release date: 02.02.2020
Label: MRIU Publishing
Genres: EDM, Techno
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

01. Glory
02. Pain
03. Boss
04. Technotest
05. Strength of mind
06. Symbios
07. Symbiosis
08. Closing
09. In da game

© 2020 MRIU Publishing

Categories: ElectronicInstrumental