Сердце – Мой Бит

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The long-awaited debut album of the pop artist Milliart “Сердце мой бит” consists of nine tracks, nine stories from the musician’s life. Over the course of two years, all the magic has taken place at the Melsi Records studio and now you can enjoy a range of lyrical and vibrant tracks united by one idea.
A musician lives inside each of us.

Artist name: Milliart
Release tittle: Сердце – Мой Бит
Release date: 23.04.2019
Label: MRIU Publishing
Lyric language: Russian
Genre: Pop
Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine

01. Интро
02. Стужа (feat. Аверьянова)
03. Вселенная
04. На пределе (feat. Exygen)
05. Кошка
06. Дыши
07. Забей
08. Порядок в голове
09. Сердце – мой бит (feat. Exygen)

℗ 2019 Milliart
© 2019 MRIU Publishing

Categories: Pop